TripLingo Launching Free Language iPhone App For Personnel in Afghanistan

March 25, 2012

TripLingo Launching Free Language iPhone App For Personnel in Afghanistan

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) July 02, 2011

There’s more to the operations in Afghanistan than combat. Every day, soldiers stationed in Afghanistan are reminded of this fact as they interact with the locals, deliver supplies, and help to rebuild the country. Currently, communication often requires the presence of translators. How might a personalized guide to the local language help?

Lieutenant David Duffus, of the 1st Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, spent 9 months learning Dari had this to say, “It just helps you break the ice with the locals … I can talk directly to the soldiers without needing an interpreter and when we are under fire that can save lives – ours and theirs. The Department of Defense publishes an annual “Strategic Language List” to give the services guidance on languages for which there is a critical need. Dari is one language that is on the immediate list for all branches of service.

TripLingo’s Dari application will facilitate improved relations by promoting colloquial communication and cultural awareness between locals and the military. The connections forged by meaningful communication are invaluable – helping people overcome challenges, collaborate, build trust and mutually beneficial relationships. The House Armed Services Committee stated that foreign language, regional expertise, and cultural awareness are critical and essential to all DOD missions. TripLingo hopes to contribute in some small way to our success in Afghanistan.

Jesse Maddox, CEO and founder states, “Having family members serving in the military highlighted the needs faced by the troops on the ground. I knew TripLingo could help travelers, so we crafted a version with the same ease-of-use, quality, and relevancy for these brave Americans. We‘re just a small startup, but we felt that a Dari version could make a small difference and maybe even save a life.”

TripLingo creates iPhone applications that help ease communication by providing individuals with the right phrases for the right occasion. Currently TripLingo offers language-learning solutions for Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Brazilian Portuguese. The newly formed startup is providing the Dari app to the military and any interested civilians for free. This app will be released for July 4, 2011, in honor of our troops and Independence Day.

TripLingo is the leader in culturally aware language learning for the iOS platform. TripLingo upgrades trips for business and leisure travelers by making it easy and fun to learn the local language and culture by providing customized relevant phrases and content on your IOS device. Five country / language combinations released to date with five more languages and platforms launching soon, TripLingo is a fun, personalized language guide that helps you talk like the locals and maximize your travels. Visit for more information.


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