Students Will Spend this Spring Break Regardless of the Economy

March 5, 2012

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Students Will Spend this Spring Break Regardless of the Economy

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 16, 2009

Students still have the money to spend on Spring Break and they open their wallets even further. Arnold Aerial Advertising provides advertisers a cost-effective way to get their message to these potential buyers.

As the company has flown so many Spring Breaks before, Arnold Aerial Advertising will fly high over the beaches that are so popular among Spring Break revelers. These include beaches in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California.

Michael Arnold says that while many advertisers are spending less in light of the country’s economic turmoil, aerial advertising remains one of the best investments for a company’s advertising dollar.

‘For the advertisers who want to hit the Spring Breakers who clog the beaches and the streets, it’s a welcome, inexpensive buy,’ Arnold said. “It is now seen as a wise investment of their advertising dollars.’

And on Spring Break, advertisers can focus on that all-important student market, which spends regardless of the economy.

“Typically the student business is more resilient to the economy because it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime trip,” said Jason Chute, director of operations for, a student travel site. “A lot times kids will go no matter what.”

A number of studies have shown that people pay serious attention to aerial advertising. Studies have shown, in fact, that people not only pay a good deal of attention to aerial advertising, but they also remember the ad long after it’s gone.

“Most people will watch the plane from the time it appears on the horizon until it disappears from sight,” Arnold said.

Some findings:

    In 2005, more than 2 million students traveled for Spring Break, according to Student Monitor.

    In 2003, $ 1 billion was spent during Spring Break in Florida and Texas, according to the book “Marketing to the Campus Crowd.”

    In 2005, visitors to Panama City spent more than $ 170 million on Spring Break.

Although Aerial Advertising planes can fly over any area that advertisers want to target, beaches are ideal locations given that they attract large numbers of people who have money to spend.

And aerial advertisers have one advantage that no other advertising can compete with – the ability to move around to find the target audience.

‘Our planes can place ads in locations that other media can’t,’ Arnold said. ‘And the pilots can easily locate large groups in the target area.’

For Spring Break 2009, Arnold Aerial Advertising is offering services in the following areas:

Texas: South Padre Island

Florida: Panama City, Daytona Beach, Key West, South Beach, Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale

Arizona: Lake Havasu

California: San Diego


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Arnold Aerial Advertising

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