Red Door Interviews the San Diego Chicken: A Social Pioneer

March 21, 2012

Red Door Interactive CEO, Reid Carr, interviews the famous San Diego Chicken to learn more about his experiences as it relates to social media and online marketing today.

“Hey Caminiti!” is a 1996 parody song of the Macarena, written and performed by Glen Erath, of the old Hudson and Bauer radio show in San Diego. The song is a tribute to Ken Caminiti, who played third base for the Padres at that time. The song was played during a game at Jack Murphy Stadium exactly one time, after which Caminiti ask that it never be played during a game again. I was at that game, and I distinctly remember everyone in the stands attempting to do the Macarena. The source is an audio cassette, which explains the low, monaural quality complete with tape hiss. Specifically, the source is a compilation of Hudson and Bauer bits and songs, called “Ornamentally Deranged”.
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