Q&A: Questions about the Chicago White Sox and their stadium?

March 26, 2012
Chicago White Sox
by mcclouds

Question by Beck89: Questions about the Chicago White Sox and their stadium?
I know that U.S. Cellular Field is in the south side of Chicago. I’ve heard rumors about the south side of Chicago. Is it really that dangerous at the ball park?

Also, there’s also some rude stereotypees of the White Sox fans. Is there any truth to this?

I’m not trying to be insulting or rude, I just really wanted to know. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by J.Slope
The area around the Cell is pretty nice; actually much nicer than it used to be say 10 years ago. I work at a fancy downtown hotel and I don’t have any problems sending people to the Cell on public transportation at all…
That said, I wouldn’t exactly wander around the stadium because the unsafe neighborhoods are very close by.

Even though I’m a Southsider, I’m the wrong person to comment on Sox fans, but as long as you don’t wear a Cubs shirt to the game you’ll be fine. I hear it’s a nice place to see a ballgame.

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