Hip Hip Jorge

March 27, 2012

Jorge Posada a long time Yankee has reached the end of his career. New York will miss him. He was a leader on the team. He was all class. He was my favorite player. The tune is played by team mate Bernie Williams. #20
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Hey guys and welcome to swami studios I am your host, moonlightswami. Today is the Ides of March (March 15th) and today every year I make my world series predictions. The ten teams to make the Playoffs will be: AL East: NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox (Wild Card) Tampa Bay Rays (Wild Card) AL Central: Detroit Tigers AL West: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim NL East: Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Nationals (Wild Card) NL Central: Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers (Wild Card) NL West: Arizona Diamondbacks The teams that will make the World Series will be: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs Philadelphia Phillies. Angels will win in 6 games (4-2) These are my predictions, I hope you enjoy and I will be talking to you guys later, peace Im out!!!! Extra Tags: MLB 2k12 My Player Ep. 1: Josh Gibson Tulsa Drillers Colorado Rockies Negro League AAA MLB Road to the Show Home Run Triple Catcher Single RBI Runs Batted In 800 HR .359 Lifetime batting average National League NL AL American League Coors Field Moonlightswami Moonlight Swami DrDreHD moonlightswammy moonlight swammy Honus Wagner MLB 2k12: My Player Mode Ep. 3: Honus Wagner + YOUR QUESTIONS!!!! “Major League Baseball” MLB 2k12: FIRST PERFECT GAME ON YOUTUBE! Moonlightswami Moonlight swami nfl football sports bowl cowboys madden Madden NFL 12 Panthers vs Packers Rematch eagles giants dallas highlight highlights superbowl steelers touchdown colts saints vikings patriots picks tackle redskins jets cardinals battle boss
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