Derrick Rose is the new Hamburglar & Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow BFFs – BR5 – 3/1/12

March 2, 2012

Derrick Rose is the hamburglar, Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin are BFF’s, America owns Italy, the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Maternity wing, and JJ Barea’s got game. All that and more on today’s BR5.. Remember to subscribe Follow BR5 on Twitter – Like BR5 on Facebook – BR 5 is your one-stop destination for sports and pop culture. It’s everything you should be talking about and why. Links: A) The Hamburglar B) Tebow-Lin C) US beats Italy D) The newest Pirates fan E) JJ Barea is a lucky man
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My 2012 version is finally up. Let’s see what I believe will happen this season
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