Darth Vader Tosses First Pitch (O.co Coliseum 9/16/11)

March 4, 2012

Update 9/27/11: Wow what an amazing week. This video got featured on Sports Failblog, Conan’s “It Came From The Interwebs” blog, and various other blogs. Not to mention it was number 2 on Attack Of The Show’s “Around The Net”! Thank you guys so much for the support!!!! It was Star Wars night at the O.co Coliseum (Home Of The Oakland A’s!) to promote the new Star Wars Blu-Ray. Darth Vader threw out the second first pitch (some local guy threw out the first), and he bounced it before it got to home plate. I caught it on video, and after reviewing the footage, it was really hard NOT to make this edit.

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