World Cup Final 1990 Argentina-West Germany (English commentary)

February 16, 2012

The most controversial and scandalous final in World Cup history. West Germany, the best team of the tournament deserved to win the title, but not this way. The refereeing looked so blatantly biased that it raises up many questions and suspicions even after 20 years. It was a dreadful game because of the Mexican referee, and a disgrace to football in every possible way. Argentina had 4 key players suspended, thus Bilardo was forced to use very defensive 5-4-1 formation so the game was bound to be boring. Argentina 1990 team has a bad reputation but at least you must admit that their defense was extremely solid and tough. Germany got only one shot on goal in this game. This composition doesn’t have much footage of the actual game because there was very little football actually played.

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