Social Media Agency Maximize Social Media LLC Announces Social Media Management Outsourcing and White Label Program

February 29, 2012

Social Media Agency Maximize Social Media LLC Announces Social Media Management Outsourcing and White Label Program

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 29, 2012

Maximize Social Media LLC ( announced the launch of its full service outsourcing program for advertising agencies and social media managers that need additional assistance in executing a well planned social media campaign. A social media agency looking for additional assistance will find a well-qualified and talented team at Maximize.

Maximize has over a dozen social media managers that operate in over 40 different verticals that are trained on increasing engagement levels on Facebook business pages and interacting with clients. Additionally, Maximize has dedicated full time personnel that solely handle Facebook advertising campaigns, providing daily optimization utilizing enterprise class software.

“Both daily engagement and Facebook advertising optimization is a time intensive task that typically is best outsourced by a social media agency. Maximize can provide top quality outsourcing while also making sure that advertising agencies and social media managers are given all the credit for achieving a great ROI,” said CEO Chris McLaughlin. McLaughlin is an experienced Internet marketing entrepreneur, having sold his first company,, to, in December of 2000.

McLaughlin also noted that social media is a 7 day a week task that can lead to burn out for some social media managers. “Social media management requires engagement at 8 PM on a Sunday night. Businesses simply can’t ignore peak traffic times, nor can you entrust that a post on your Facebook goes an entire weekend without a response.”

Redundancy is critical for social media management. “Life shows up, and if your social media manager goes on vacation or has an emergency you need someone who can take over in an instant. Maximize offers seamless redundancy so that your social media strategy is consistent and your customer experience continues to be positive,” noted McLaughlin.

Craig Collins, Senior Vice President of Maximize, noted that Maximize’s core competency in Facebook ad management is a skillset that needs to be blended with social media engagement. “All too often social media agencies rely on organic growth to grow the fan base. But if you are not using the power of Facebook ads, with its amazing demographics, you’re missing the tremendous upside of Facebook.”

Mike McLaughlin, President of Maximize (no relationship to CEO Chris McLaughlin), said that a well-planned Facebook ads campaign will make your client raving fans of your service. “I just received an email from a client who spent $ 8,500 on Facebook ads who sold $ 20,124 of his product. That type of positive ROI will keep your clients coming back, but those results aren’t typical for many social media managers. We were able to drive the cost of Facebook ads lower because of daily optimization – this takes a talented team which I’m proud that we offer at Maximize.”

Maximize’s full suite of services to social media agencies and managers may be found at The company invites advertising agencies and digital media firms to apply for its social media management white label program. In addition, for mid sized businesses interested in social media management, Maximize’s talented staff is offering a strategy session to review the benefits of social media marketing. Interested business owners can apply at http://w

About Maximize Social Media LLC

Maximize Social Media LLC ( is a full service social media agency that offers social media management outsourcing for other agencies. Maximize’s white label program will enable a social media manager to offer redundancy and focus on new client development while outsourcing the workload to a well trained and staffed company. Maximize has offices in Florida and Los Angeles, CA.



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