seattle mariners?…?

February 18, 2012

Question by ballerj0: seattle mariners?…?
who else thinks the seattle mariners are a freaking awesome team, i mean they got it goin on. i believe they will make a great comeback and win their division.
just look at them, they got Ichiro playing right field and he’s always kick a$ $ then they got branyan hittin homers left and right, Gutierez is suddenly the talk of all outfielders. Lopez is always consistant, and even their catchers are both very good.

not to mention their pitching is amazing, king Felix of course, Bedard… then Aardsma closing! how perfect can you get?

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Answer by Rich
With the Angels in the AL West, I doubt the Mariners can come back and win the division, maybe next year, but not this year. Hernandez is an amazing pitcher, but Bedard has been less than stellar. He’s been injury prone since he’s been in Seattle, and he’s only 5-2 in 14 starts. They need him to get, and stay healthy if they have any chance at the division.

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