Q&A: atlanta braves?

February 21, 2012
Atlanta Braves
by Matt Ortega

Question by NunnKriss: atlanta braves?
im going to atlanta braves game. and i found tickets for fourteen dollars. but the seats are in section 143.
and i am going to put a message on that big screen they have at the field for my boyfriend who is coming (of course).
but i want to make sure we can see it.
do you think we would be able to? or change seating?
or do u think 137 is better?
nah. im going go see them play the new york mets.
even tho i have a feeling the mets might beat the braves…bc they havent been doing their best lately…but im still rooting for them.

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Answer by Dan
I heard that u can see that screen from every seat in the stadium. Hopefully ur not going to a game where they play the Phillies because it would be a waste of money to watch them lose.


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