Plantation Homes Boasts Success in the Lone Star State, Why Texas Cities are Booming

February 29, 2012

Plantation Homes Boasts Success in the Lone Star State, Why Texas Cities are Booming

One of the luxury homes in the booming Texas market

Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 25, 2012

For the past few years Texas has become an epicenter of migration for Americans of all economic classes. The hotly debated east versus west rivalry of New York and California has been split by a huge influx in relocation to the Lone Star state. This influx has lead to a swell in economic and social prosperity that makes Texas an ideal destination for Americans looking to pack up and seek a new frontier. Plantation Homes, a brand of MHI McGuyer Builders, has seen increased sales of new homes as a result of this growth.


Texas is booming. There is no better way to describe it. In Forbes’ 2009 list of best cities for relocation, no less than 8 out of the 25 top cities were Texan cities, all ranking higher than average for the rest of the country in regards to amount of population with degrees, income, and home value. Texas is growing while much of the country remains stagnant, and both workers and businesses are realizing it. This year’s Forbes list of fastest growing cities has Texas claiming 4 out of 10 positions, including Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Austin nabbed the coveted #1 spot with a projected 3% employment growth in the next four years, and a 6.6% economic growth by 2013. This growth comes from an already safe 6.8% unemployment, far below the nation’s struggling 9% unemployment rate.


Whatever the stance is on how money is spent, the truth is that a Texan takes home a larger portion of their paycheck than much of the rest of the country. Why is this? No state income tax. Citizen of high taxed, and mismanaged states like New York and California may see their citizens taking home 9%-11% more of their paychecks, simply by moving to Texas.


As well as a large market of moderately priced homes for sale, energy conscious new home developments are growing all over Texas. With the economic and population swells, many home builders are taking advantage of the climate to build exceptional developments. These growing communities feature new, green homes that are far more energy efficient than older models. Also these new homes are more personalized in that the contractors are seeking buyers’ input in the designs. New models come with lengthy warranties for everything from the individual appliances to the very foundation of the home. This all makes building a new home in a growing Texas development cheaper in the long term than buying or renting elsewhere.


Education has for a long time been considered one of the Lone Star state’s shortcomings. The growing demand for an educated workforce, as well as the aforementioned developing communities, has called for a huge overhaul of Texas’ public education system. Annually, Texas now spends the 3rd most out of all states in the US on education. The demand for improved education has also led to the creation of the STAAR tests (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness), a standardized testing system that focuses on college readiness, and preparing the student for a career rather than attaining a minimum skill set as tests have in the past.


Texas can’t be beat when it comes to recreation and attractions. Eight major professional sports teams (in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB) are from cities in Texas, as well as many of the greatest collegiate athletics programs in the country and an enormous base of amateur athletics leagues. Every city has a thriving night life, and the South by Southwest festival has turned Austin into a thriving center of contemporary arts and culture. All of this in conjunction with the state’s beautiful rocky vistas, beaches, and grasslands means that there is always something to do or explore in the Lone Star state.

Texas has seen unparalleled growth in the past several years and will continue to see more in the future. The information above is just what has been recorded so far. With educated youth flocking to cities like Dallas and Fort Worth, city officials are planning huge downtown rejuvenation programs featuring overhauled public transportation and housing options. Texas is the place to be for the future of this economy, attracting more successful people and businesses from around the country and the world.

About Plantation Homes

Plantation Homes is a Texas new home builder offering its award-winning new home designs in many outstanding communities within Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth,Austin and San Antonio. A Texas new home builder since 1988,Plantation Homes features flexible floorplans and luxurious interior details ensuring that a new home will be every bit as exceptional as the purchaser.


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