Miami Heat Fan Ejected from Cleveland Indians Game Pt. 1

February 27, 2012

At a Cleveland Indians Game on 7-28-10, a guy walks into the bleacher seats wearing a LeBron James Miami Heat Jersey. He’s booed violently, and by the 5th Inning, people are throwing peanuts and beer cups at him. By then the police escort him out of the section. While walking down the stairs, a guy knocks the beer cup out of his hand, and starts swearing at him. By the end of the row, a fat guy in a green shirt (who was previously flicking him off), gets up in his face. The police have to restrain him from attacking the Yankees & Indians fans who were booing him. His girlfriend, who had been flicking people off and swearing was shoved to the ground by a guy in a grey shirt. She started crying, and also had to be restrained. The police officers who escorted him out, got a standing ovation from the entire bleacher section.
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