Joe Kapp 1969 Minnesota Vikings Purple People Eaters Tribute

February 27, 2012

Here is a tribute video to my favorite NFL team of all time: The 1969 Minnesota Vikings. This video is from my old YouTube Channel (Bloblaw005), and was pretty popular with all the “Old School” — or is that “Old SKOL” — Vikings fans out there (over 70000 plays). Enjoy! NOTE: This is a re edited expanded version of the Joe Kapp 1969 Minnesota Vikings Purple People Eaters Tribute video I posted on Feb. 16 2008. I was never really happy with the first tribute video as I felt like I rushed it and didn’t put in all the music and photos I wanted to use. I feel this is a much better video, as I took the time to put it together right — in my humble opinion — and to use the music that generates much more emotion. With that said, let me continue with the copy I posted with the first video: Here is a little music video I put together as a tribute to Joe Kapp and the 1969 Minnesota Vikings. To me the ’69 Vikes were the BEST NFL TEAM EVER… period…Of course I was only 11 years old at the time, but my whole adolescent life was consumed with the Minnesota Vikings. I ate drank slept and bled purple… my room was painted purple… I begged my parents to move to Bloomington, so I could see the Vikings play at the famed Metropolitan Stadium….. etc. etc. etc…. well you get the point. Anyway some almost 40 years later, I have acquired quite a Sports Memorabilia Collection of Joe Kapp and the 1969 Minnesota Vikings goodies. So I thought I’d scan a few photos, set them to some great
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