Can you tell me about baseball and the Atlanta Braves?

February 28, 2012
Atlanta Braves
by kyle tsui

Question by Kali: Can you tell me about baseball and the Atlanta Braves?
I’m sure this is going to sound dumb, but I know absolutely nothing about baseball. I’ve never really liked the sport, but my boyfriend is a HUGE Atlanta Braves fan. I’m trying to take an interest in it, but it is Greek to me. Any info, tips, or cool stats I should know would be really helpful. I’m taking him to an Atlanta home game (we’re from nor cal) so any other helpful hints would be awesome! Thanks everybody in advance!

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Answer by romanaround_sc
The Braves are a young team – a lot of rookies and players that have only been in the majors for a few years. They have a great coach – unfortunately, in the offseason, they lost their pitching coach to the Orioles (he worked wonders). The Braves have one of the greatest players in baseball right now; Andruw Jones. Other solid players include Chipper Jones (who just went on the DL, or disabled list, I believe) Marcus Giles, and Edgar Renteria. They have some solid pitching with John Smoltz and Tim Hudson.

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