500 DVD Movies

February 17, 2012

500 DVD Movies

The kids are getting older and it’s time for my husband and I to get rid of some of the movies that have accumulated over the years.

All DVD’s are original (no burned copies) with original case. Nice condition.

each unless otherwise noted.

Call or text or email link above.

Zodiac (Mark Ruffalo/Jake Gyllenhaal/Robert Downey Jr)
Zeus and Roxanne (Steve Guttenberg/Kathleen Quinlan)
Yours, Mine & Ours (Dennis Quaid/Rene Russo)
Young Sherlock Holmes (Steven Spielberg)
Year 1 (Jack Black/Michael Cera)
XXX – State of the Union
X2 – X Men United
Wu Tang Clan Presents: Sleeping Fist
World Traveler (Julianne Moore)
Wonder Woman (2 disc original animated movie)
Wolf Creek
Wishmaster – The Prophecy Fulfilled
Winds of the Wasteland (John Wayne)
Wind Chill (Emily Blunt)
Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
Wicker Park (Josh Hartnett)
White Oleander (Renee Zellweger)
White Noise (Michael Keaton)
White Gorilla
Where the Toys Come From – Disney
When a Stranger Calls
What to Do in Case of Fire

Price: $ 2


Ann Arbor, USA