#43 – New York Yankees -Tocens Black Ops Emblems

February 26, 2012

InTocens Black Ops Emblem Creations and Whatnot I show you how to make cool hip and awesome emblems for your call of duty black ops player card. Everything is shown in my sweet fine ass voice, so enjoy. The grid is not there… its editing, it doesnt exist. Simply the greatest New York Yankees emblem out today. needs all 12 layers. Think you can do better? Post it Do not copy my vids without giving proper credit, and never download and repost these vids. Do, however, make my emblems as your playercard ^_^ Donate to me to my website for more of these, and donate for insta-requests ^_^ Rate Thumbs Subscribe, and post what you want to see as an emblem, I can make anything…. literally.

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