What happened to the National League West?

November 1, 2011

Question by Nicole: What happened to the National League West?
In 2007 the Rockies went to the World Series, the D-backs played in the NLCS, the Padres came with in an out of making the playoffs and the Dodgers were in and out of first until their inability to win games after the All-Star Break caught up to them, lol. Only the Giants were the odd man out. Last year a lot of people were surprised by the strength of the NL West. But all the pitching and the good young talents live there, so when you think about it wasn’t too surprising.

This year every team is nothing like what they were last year. So, my question is what happened?

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Answer by jetsrock48
The Padres don’t have offense. Their top 2 pitchers were gone for about a month which means they are completely horrible.

The Dodgers lack both the pitching and offense to beat teams. They have average of each which is why they are a .500 team.

The Rockies just went on a hot streak last year. The offense that carried them isn’t there (Hawpe and Tulowitski are slumping big time) and their pitching is horrible.

The D’backs never really had offense. In the beginning of the year that offense was just hot and people thought it was good.

The Giants, like the others, lack offense. Their pitching is great by have no hitting.

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