Middle East a conflict ridden zone

October 13, 2011
National League East
by wfyurasko

In 1936, the Palestinians rebelled against British rule and the Jews. Saudi king Ibn Saudi got involved on behalf of the Palestinians. The Arab league was founded and President Roosevelt assured King Saud that the United States would not back an independent Jewish state in Palestine but later it proved that it was only a lollypop. On May 14 1948 the independent state of Israel was announced that was duly rejected by the Palestinians at once. Although the partition of Palestine was not acceptable to Palestinian even the Arab world yet they accepted it ass a last resort to end the crises. It was Jews who rejected the United Nations organizations plan and refused to make Jerusalem the part of the plan.

Israel fought many wars with the real inhabitants of the area and occupied a vast territory in the notorious six days war in 1967.then again came the united nation as the patron of Israel but ostensibly the savior of the middle east and passed a resolution 242 in 1967 that demanded the withdrawal of the Israelis from the occupied territories. It was a deep conspiracy on the part of the west and Israelis to indulge Arabs and Palestinians into the war to defeat them and then oblige them by vacating the territory. It was the true picture of the carrot and stick policy. The prerequisite of the withdrawal was the recognition of the Israel as the sovereign state. The Israelis were systematic in their approach and were advancing their plan slowly and steadily. They deliberately raised the slogans of land for peace and got upper hand once again. . Now the Palestinians were not the only prey but the neighboring countries have also involved. The Egyptians and Syrians were also the aggrieved party. But Israel and America along with their coalition partner have thought some thing more severe for the region. They were eyeing at the oil reserves and wanted to monopolize the oil resources of Middle East. The policy could work if there was some conflict and gave them a chance to arbitrate between Arabs and Jews. The negotiations were started and the vested interests were kept above the resolution of the conflict. American involvement perplexed the situation, as she was playing the second fiddle in the hands of Jews. The efforts of the president jimmy carter brought the warring factions at the Camp David to reach an agreement

In 1977 Egypt was made to begin parleys with Israel and American influence

UN General Assembly Resolution 3236 recognized the PLO as representatives of the Palestinian, and held up the General Assembly for Palestinian self determination.

General Assembly Resolution 3237 passed on the same day, granted observer status to the PLO. Under Soviet support, the PLO and the Palestinians got international recognition, and the cause of Palestinian self-determination became an international issue.

In 1978, the Camp David accord was signed between Israel, Egypt and the US, and Israel for the land of Sinai. In 1979 a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel was signed that is seen as a stab in the back of the Palestinian cause. With this agreement the two countries established ties.

In 1985, Israel announced without any permission of UN or other agency a strip of South Lebanon to be a Security Zone.

In 1991 on October 30, the Madrid peace conference was held that brought the two parties on the table of talks directly. After that quite a few leader from both sides met and brought out the Oslo accord that reveals the truth about Yasser Arafat. The Palestinian disliked their leader steps but it was a leap forward for the Israelis. In Washington a few months later the staunch foes shook hands and signed the Declaration of Principles that envisaged.

After the death of Arafat the HAMAS rose and won the elections .they were not given the powers but the party of their liking was allowed to work as Palestinian authority. Mahmood Abbas led the Palestine to nowhere as the conflict still is conflict. The Israelis are doing with the cause of Palestine according to their own whims and wishes. The recent situation in the Middle East has put the issue in background but the Israelis have not put the Palestinians in the background. They have gotten a chance to strengthen their hold and are successful so far. The world soul super power is ignoring their atrocities and they are bold to play havoc with the destinies of the innocent people. The recent flagrant violation of the international laws is quite evident that Israelis are doing the harm to the world. The attack on the freedom flotilla has thrown cold water on the efforts of peace in the Middle East.

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