Is the NL East the weakest division in the National League?

October 12, 2011
National League East
by The700Level

Question by Tom: Is the NL East the weakest division in the National League?
It’s kind of ironic how this had turned out, because lots of people assumed it was the strongest in the NL and that there could be no way the NL East wouldn’t take the Wild Card. To me, it’s very weak, because each team has such glaring holes, whether it’s the Mets lack of chemistry and sloppy play, the Phillies horrible starting rotation, extremely questionable closer and below average middle relievers, the Marlins bullpen or lack of discipline at the plate or the Braves inability to score or play consistently. I don’t think the Marlins got a shot at this division, judging from how poorly they’ve played, but the Braves actually are in striking distance and look like they might have a chance. I’d be suprised, from the looks of it right now, if the division winner wins more than 86 games. The NL West seems weak too, but the Dodgers are really taking over that division.
Yeah, but the NL East appears to be a bunch of average teams. Being the defending world champs is worthless, if you can’t have more than half your rotation give quality starts. It’s not even like every other time out either, it’s like nearly every start. The Mets probably are just as talented, if not more than the Phillies, but their confidence is shot, the manager is and has appeared to lose his team’s respect and they look like a mess. The Marlins and Braves are pretty much average clubs at best, but the Braves look to have deeper pitching with more experience. Add a couple of pieces to that roster and they could take the division. I get what you’re saying with the Dodgers though. I’m suprised the D’Backs are playing this poorly, even if Webb is out. LA obviously owns that division, with or without Manny, but I think the NL Central is the most competitive division in the NL and arguably the second most to the AL East, especially since the Cubs haven’t turned it on yet.

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Answer by philsfoto
The NL West is. Yes the Dodgers might be taking over that division, but that is only because they ARE THE ONLY GOOD TEAM in it. Meanwhile, the East has last year’s champs, the Mets, a rising Marlins team, and the Braves. The Dodgers might beat all of those teams, but they are still in the weakest division.

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