10 Reasons Why the Premiership’s the Best Soccer League in the World

September 12, 2011
National League East
by wfyurasko

A lot of debates have arisen in recent times regarding which soccer league’s the best in the world. Many articles have been written and options preferred from among the top European footballing nations. However there’s no football league in the world that compares to the English Premiership. Here are ten reasons why:

1. There are literally players from every soccer playing nation on this planet with players in the premiership. Consider for a moment that Nigerians, South Africans, Zimbabweans, Ivorians, Japanese, French, Germans, Russians, Koreans, Dutch, Italians, Norwegians, Danes, Portuguese, Brazilians, Argentinians, Camerounians, Bulgarians, Spanish, Americans, Costa Ricans, Colombians, Belgians, Congolese, Lithuanians amongst others all have players there. No other soccer league’s quite like it!

2. The English Premiership’s watched in many other countries, compared with other leagues. From Asia to America, Europe to Africa and the Middle East, billions are literally tuned into the excitement that the Premiership brings weekly.

3. The Premiership has the best sponsorship and marketing deals for football in the world. Partners and sponsors such as Sky and Barclaycard have invested huge sums in broadcast rights and other marketing initiatives that has made the premiership the home for the best kind of football.

4. Aside from players the premiership has begun to attract the best managerial talent from other countries. The premiership has boasted of managers from France, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Scotland, Ireland and Sweden. No other league even comes close.

5. There has been a healthy amount of high scoring matches recently, which makes the premiership probably the league where the highest amount of goals are scored in a season. Some matches have even recorded as much as eleven goals in a single game! This is fantastic because football’s all about goals!

6. The English fans are one of the most vociferous in the support of their teams. Whenever you tune in to a match the singing, cheers and jeers, clapping and whistling always makes the experience of watching the premiership really special. Most times the atmosphere is truly electrifying!

7. The premiership also pays players premium wages which will always attract the best talent. At least one out of three players in other leagues are always relishing playing in England, more than in any other league in the world.

8. The UEFA Champions league is widely regarded as the best Club Soccer competition in the world. In the last two seasons an English team has gotten to the finals – Liverpool and Arsenal.

9. Foreign investors are literally falling over themselves struggling to take over clubs in the top flight of the English Premiership. In the last five years a Russian, a Thai and three Americans have taken over four of the Premiership’s top clubs between them. Investors only invest where they are sure of good returns and the Premiership is seen as a good buy.

10. The clubs that have made the greatest revenues have been English clubs – Manchester United and Arsenal made the highest revenues of all football clubs in the world in the last couple of years.

These are just a few of the reasons why the premiership’s the best and will continue to remain so for some time to come!

Based in Lagos Nigeria, Kenneth Doghudje publishes 4 Blogs on Soccer! Check him out at www.premiershipsoccer4u.blogspot.com

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