WTF Has Happened to the San Diego Padres?

August 13, 2011

Question by DShark: WTF Has Happened to the San Diego Padres?
I’m a Californian D-Backs fan but what’s happened to our once fierce rivals the Padres?
They’ve won the division 3 times since the D-Backs came into the league and were always a tough opponent. Now when everybody face’s them everyone excepts an easy sweep?
What’s up with the Pads?
You didn’t beat the D-Backs, you beat our sorry @ss bullpen!

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Answer by baseball_is_my_life
Well, their offense has sagged every season, and they only lost good hitters during the offseason. Say what you will about Milton Bradley, but he does produce. The Padres could’ve gotten several bats over the offseason that would have helped them, but they stood pat. Now, it’s the Brian Giles/Adrian Gonzalez show with no supporting cast.

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