What is most pathetic about the Detroit Tigers?

August 25, 2011
Detroit Tigers
by Keith Allison

Question by That’s what she said: What is most pathetic about the Detroit Tigers?
1) Not having a winning season from 1993 until last season?
2) The 43 wins in 2003
3) Losing the division last year to Minnesota last year after holding a double digit lead over them in August?
4) Thinking that LOSING the World Series gives them something to brag about.
5) Thinking that as fans of the Tigers, they can talk trash to Sox fans because of one good season where they did not even WIN the World Series.
6)Thinking that a copy of the ALCS dvd is better than a World Series Ring.
7) Did I mention that last season was the first season about .500 since 1993? Sounds like a great franchise to me! No luck involved last year.
8) Tiger pitchers trying to throw to third base in the World Series. Maybe they should have tried it underhand!
And on and on and on it goes. I guess it feels bad to be a “whinny sux” fan until you look at the storied franchise know as the Tigers. You can think about talking trash AFTER your team has back to back winning seasons. Until then -shut up.

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Answer by Life is good.
the uniforms six

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