What are the Top 10 Sports Mascots?

August 15, 2011
San Diego Padres
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The team mascot has refined the way in which sports entertain. The mascot is that iconic figure that sets a team apart from the rest. They motivate the crowd, they please children, and they add something to the team that is very special. That explains why there are some mascots that are quite memorable in their appearance, their traditions, and in how they motivate. When people see the top mascots in the world, they never forget them.

The top 10 sports mascots

The top 10 sports mascots are those mascots that leave an everlasting impression on people. They are the ones that people want to see just as much as they want to see the team that the mascot represents. Basically, being a sports mascot is a really bit deal and it can really make a person famous.

Here are the top 10 sports mascots:

– Phillie Phanatic, the Philadelphia Phillies mascot is one that can’t be forgotten with that green fur and big nose. Debuting in 1978, Phillie Phanatic heckles opposing players, rides around on a motorbike, and does all kinds of strange stunts.

– San Diego Chicken is the mascot for the San Diego Padres. This is the original mascot that leads all mascots. This chicken is very recognizable because it makes appearances at other events as well.

– Mr. Met is the mascot for the New York Mets and has been around since the 1960s. There are not many people who can say they haven’t seen Mr. Met at one time or another, whether in person or on TV.

– The Racing Sausages are the mascots for the Milwaukee Brewers. There are five of them all dressed as a different type of sausage. During halftime, the five of them race around the field. This is something that started in 1995 and has remained ever since.

– Benny the Bull, the mascot for the Chicago Bulls started entertaining basketball fans almost 50 years ago. He dances, does stunts, and also attends private events.

– Rally Monkey is the Los Angeles Angels mascot and is more or less a stuffed monkey that people wave around at games. Now Rally Monkey has been seen in movies and even has a web store.

– Sourdough Sam, the mascot for the San Francisco 49ers, looks like a gold panner to represent the Gold Rush of 1849 that gave the 49ers their name. Everyone can easily spot that large head and humongous hat.

– Rowdy, the Dallas Cowboy’s mascot, has been around since 1996 and has been received very well. He revs up the crowd, throws t-shirts into the crowd, and makes appearances at over 300 events a year.

– Rally is the mascot of the Atlanta Braves. He was shut down just a couple of years ago, but still appeals to many of the fans because he had been around for over 20 years. To some he may have seemed bland because he was just a red monster with a lot of hair. To others he was much more than that.

– Miles the Denver Broncos was revealed in 2001. He is a bucking bronco that crowd surfs and expresses game thoughts on his own personal website.

These are the ten mascots that stand out the most. Even if the mascot is no longer in action, that mascot still makes an impression on people today. Without mascots revving up the crowds, giving things away, mingling with the kids, and doing stunts, the sports event would be something entirely different. The crowds would not be cheering and if they’re not cheering the team is not going to feel motivated by their crowd. That just shows the type of role that mascots play in making sure the game experience for all parties involved is one to never be forgotten.

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