Understand How To Bet On Baseball “Baseball Handicapping 101” MLB The Longest Season But The Least Bet On Sport

August 22, 2011
Pittsburgh Pirates
by David Watson

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Everyone knows that MLB season is the longest season in all of professional sports. The 162 game marathon is an up and down roller coaster ride. You would think with all of the games ranging from April to October it would be the sport with the most action on it. Wrong! Football and Basketball receive almost double the action than baseball does. Why is this? First off baseball is boring. Yes I said it. No I am not saying that every game is boring and terrible to watch but most games are. Baseball games are just not fun to bet on. It just lacks excitement and that’s what gamblers love. In baseball it is unlike football where the home team is driving down the field working their two minute drill on Monday Night Football to get in field goal range to win the game as time expires. Baseball games are long and most times hard to watch an entire game. Another reason I feel that baseball is known as the sports book’s off season is gamblers are not knowledgeable. In my opinion baseball is the hardest sport to follow just alone that there are so many games. There are so many things that factor into a baseball game but one major factor is the performance of the two starting pitchers.
Starting pitchers have a lot of pressure on them. If a pitcher does not show up and perform well in the beginning of their start they can get shelled and be down four to zero quick and there goes your bet. Pitchers are very hard to predict. They are the most injured players in baseball and it is very hard to determine if that pitcher you want will actually show up to perform. It is unlike football where if a quarterback has a couple of bad drives he has a lot longer time to get into sync. While in baseball when a pitcher digs himself into a whole it is a lot tougher to get out of it.

We are now going to look at the different ways you can bet on baseball

MLB lines are always changing get the best odds here:

Betting on a Side “Taking The Money Line”

The term taking a side or betting on the team money lines simply means you are betting on the team to win. When betting like this there is no spread so the team you bet on all they have to do is win. Here is an example of a betting example of odds from a MLB baseball game last summer.
The Pittsburgh Pirates are Hosting The New York Yankees. The Odds are as followed.

Pittsburgh Pirates +110 (Underdog)
New York Yankees -150 (Favorite)
In the above example, you can pick either the Pirates or the Yankees to win the game. The team on the bottom is the home team. If you want to bet on the Yankees, you will need to lay 0 for every 0 you want to win. For instance, if you bet 00 on the Yankees you would receive back your ,500 plus 00 profit. On the other hand, you could take the Pirates and get back 0 for every 0 wagered. If you wagered ,000 on the Pirates and they won, you would receive back your ,000 plus another ,100

In basic terms the team you take simply just needs to win.

Betting on the Run Line

There are many times where you like a team but the odds are just not in your favor. You can lower the odds by taking something which is known as the Run Line. When you wager on the run line, you are usually either getting or laying 1.5 runs. For example the Yankees are a considerable favorite on the odds above. You could take the Yanks run line at +105 which makes the odds much better. But remember they must win by two or more runs.

Betting on the Over/Under

The over/under line is also known as the “total” or “totals line.” When you make this wager, you are betting on the combined score of both teams. It’s pretty simple concept. If the total line is 8.5 and you bet the over, you need both teams to combine for 8 or more runs to win. If the two teams combine for less than that then the people who bet the under would win.

Betting on baseball can be very profitable. Many people just don’t do it the correct way. I hope this article better informed you about betting on the MLB.
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