Fishing in Florida – The Year Round Catch State!

August 12, 2011
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by cseeman

Every fisherman (or woman!) owes it to themselves to go fishing in Florida sometime in their life to experience the wonderful nature and superb fishing opportunities. Sure, catching small fish in your local lake or river is fun but the clear blue waters surrounding Florida make it one of the most epic fishing experiences you can imagine.

Florida has arguably been awarded more fishing records then any other location in the world, which is a reflection on the fact that Key West and the Lower Florida Keys are home to some of the finest shallow water fly-fishing and flats fishing anywhere.

Flats are long, level, shallow water areas next to deeper water and can be found in bays, estuaries and marshes as well as on reefs and atolls, and along shorelines. The backcountry flats of Key West and the Lower Florida Keys are protected from winds by small islands, shallow reefs and sandy shoals. This provides many calm waters and a rewarding fishing experience no matter how much experience you have.

Florida is also surrounded by ocean filled with some of the most acrobatic and powerful fish known! The warm tropical waters of the gulf stream flow just off the beaches, making Florida also THE place to visit for deep see fishing for Tarpon, Kingfish, Marlin and Sailfish… not to mention sharks!

Fishing for the famous Blue Marlin is best between May and November. Cobia is abundant between January and March while Mahi-Mahi come in close from April to July. Every kind of Grouper can be caught in the winter from November to March.

The 6 months between September and March are excellent for the exciting Kingfish while Sailfish are plentiful from November to February.

The legendary Tarpon (or Silver King) visit the area in late spring and early summer between May and July, while great tasting fresh Tuna can be caught from December to February. Finally, the fighting fish – Wahoo, which is known for its incredible acceleration in the water, is available from April to May and October to December.

As a hobby fisher, you might not have equipment needed for serious sport fishing. Even if you do, you probably don’t want to transport it all on a plane, but don’t let that put you off. There are plenty of good local rental stores where you can rent everything you could possibly need for a successful day’s fishing.

Another popular option is to book a guided tour that will take you to the best locations for the type of fishing you’re looking for and will give you crucial local tips on how to catch them so you won’t leave empty handed.

However, if you are interested in booking a charter, make sure you do so early. It’s always a good idea to do your research and book the guide before you leave so you can be sure that you’ve got a company that will allow you to make the most of your fishing in Florida time.

Remember: Not all charter companies are the same and the good ones tend to get booked up well in advance!

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