Detroit Lions Sold to Japanese Auto Maker

August 13, 2011
Detroit Tigers
by The Javelina

Yes, this is breaking news! Ford President, William Clay Ford, great-grandson to Henry Ford announced earlier today that he has sold the Detroit Lions to rival Japanese auto maker Toyota.

In a stunning move that has outraged NFL owners, fans and it’s base of loyal customers of nearly 100 years, the Ford family made an extravagant decision to sell the franchise to it’s overseas rival.

Ford says “sale was necessary to keep company afloat” and it was a “very painful decision” that had to be made.

Industry experts claim is a valiant attempt to save the struggling auto maker and to protect the family fortune, as well.

This news comes on the heels of a recent news article claiming that the Japanese auto maker Toyota, is set to put the nail into the coffin of Ford, after unseating the full size truck leader with it’s newest version of the Toyota Tundra.

Insiders speculate that the new owners are contemplating renaming the team, “The Tundra” and also renaming the field, possibly to the “Toyota Dome” or Toyota Field”.

“I am outraged, that something like this could happen” say UAW President Ron Gettelfinger, in a statement to news reporters outside a Chicago Hotel.

Also outraged was Troy Vanderstelt, a local Lions and Tigers Fan. Troy says that he plans on boycotting the new team and will sell his season tickets on eBay.

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