What should the Detroit Tigers do at the trading deadline?

July 25, 2011
Detroit Tigers
by Keith Allison

Question by Joakim: What should the Detroit Tigers do at the trading deadline?
In my opinion, we don’t really need to do anything drastic. Look at last year. We acquired Casey without sacrificing anything really, and he proved to be a HUGE upgrade over Chris Shelton.

So, what about 2007? There are several rumors going around…

They trade for Roy Oswalt from Houston. I’m guessing the Tigers wouldn’t be willing to part with as many quality prospects as teams like Cleveland or the Mets who actually NEED some help in their rotations, so this scenario seems a little far-fetched. But can you imagine a playoff rotation of Verlander, Rogers, Bonderman, and Oswalt? Scary.


They trade for a relief pitcher. Gagne or Otskuka from Texas, the Astros’ Lidge, and the Royals’ Dotel have all been mentioned as possibilities. Nothing major, but we could use another arm in the bullpen with Rodney and Zumaya out.

But what do you think the Tigers should do on July 31?
lovnrckets: Despite his dreaful start, Todd Jones has converted 5 straight saves and has yet to allow a run in July

Georgie: Nice answer, douchebag. Got anything remotely intelligent to add?

Everyone else has good answers.
arods_1fan: Yankees fans are just bitter because Gary Sheffield is having a monster year while their team is the laughing stock of the sports word. Furthermore, for THIS team, Sheff is a leader in the clubhouse, as well as one of the most beloved people in the city of Detroit.

Your little washed up Pettite and Clemens probably don’t have enough accuracy left to hit Gary, let alone the velocity to do any damage.

That sound you hear? That’s the Yankees’ empire sinking.

Best answer:

Answer by lovnrckets
It’s pretty obvious, dude. Your bullpen sucks and Todd Jones is washed up. What kind of closer posts a 5.20 era? You should go to your trading buddies in Arlington, TX and see what the price is for Gagne or Otsuka, perhaps both. If you really believe in Todd Jones then you know nothing about baseball. I don’t care how many saves he has, he is running on fumes.

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