Q&A: MLB National League West?

July 29, 2011
National League West
by David Jackmanson

Question by Snypa Time: MLB National League West?
I know several people who think the National League West is the worst division in the Major League Baseball. I realize there was a stretch of time, specifically 2004-2008 when the Western Division was awful but now they have rebounded. Last year they almost had three teams with 90+ wins. This year they are the only division with four teams with 50+ victories. Also this season, the NL West is over .500 when playing the NL East and NL Central. Do you guys think that the NL West has been one of the better divisions in the Majors the last two years?

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Answer by mm117
i think the NL west is the one of the hardest behind the AL east. 4 of the 5 teams are above .500 and are serious contenders.

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