How will the Pittsburgh Pirates do this year?

July 17, 2011

Question by whohaturdferguson: How will the Pittsburgh Pirates do this year?
I think they’ll do better than last year and possibly make a run at the pennant. The Cards are great, of course, but its a rather weak division from top to bottom. The Buccos made some good moves for a change (gettting Adam LaRoche) and I like Freddy Sanchez at second base. The outfiled will be good with Bay, Nady, and Duffy/Bautista. They just need to play ball like they did in the second half of 06.

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Answer by Nick F
I think they will amke it itno the Alcs and lose ins 6 games. The ahve a good team with Bay in Center. Personally i also like freddy at second hes got speed and a bat which can be a big help also they got his glove. I think they need a third baseman and 1st abseman along with 2 good strting pitchers. i think they will go 15 games over 500

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