Does anyone watch the Florida Marlins play?

July 26, 2011
Florida Marlins
by cseeman

Question by pandabear23: Does anyone watch the Florida Marlins play?
i as watching highlights today and all i see is a sea of orange seats! and not even just today, i see everytime i watch marlins highlights. whenever someone hits a homerun, ther are like 5 ppl in the whole section waiting to catch the ball. what is the average attendance for their games?

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Answer by ♟ J-rod_society. Out to kill the trolls
The Marlins are fighting for 1rst place and this is their best start ever and yet their attendance is around 19,000 people per game. The highest is the Phillies who average 45,500 a game and this is from 2011 so no playoffs involved.

It is sad though about 52% of their ball park is filled and nobody sits in the porch u were talking about. Those tickets to the porch are super cheap and u have no view.

edit- their attendance is actually just 17,500 a game 46.1% i accidentally looked at the Marlins wrong year, Phillies are accurate though

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