Cool Fantasy Baseball images

July 8, 2011

Some cool Fantasy Baseball images:

My Firefox
Fantasy Baseball
Image by Xuli
A whole slew of customization in my most-used and most favored piece of software on all my machines. Check out a more legible large size here.

1981 Radio
Fantasy Baseball
Image by Brian Oberkirch
We didn’t *have* any fancy Web 2.0 music discovery tools when I was a kid, with the fancy social what-are-my-friends listening-to/music genome project magic. We had the radio, and we liked it. In fact, that’s pretty much what I did: played baseball & basketball in my driveway and listened to the radio. When I was in 5th grade I got a ‘boombox’ (you kids look it up on the Wikipedia) and started making tapes. It went something like this: a song I liked would come on & I’d dive for the record buttons. Sometimes I missed the intro, sometimes I got a ton of radio chatter on the back side.

Ivy found a few of my old tapes from 1981, and we’ve had the best time going through and listening to them. So funny. Evidently I listened to a lot of WRNO (we the rock a new wahlins), B97 and some station on the Gulf Coast I can’t recall the call letters for. It’s like a little record of my 11 year old attention stream for pop music.

Here’s what was on those two tapes:

Billy Squier, The Stroke
The Gap Band, Burn Rubber on Me
Genesis, Misunderstanding
Journey, Who’s Crying Now
Foreigner, Hot Blooded
Foreigner, Urgent
Sister Sledge, We Are Family
Boston, More Than A Feeling

Robbie DuPree, Hot Rod Hearts
Tom Petty, Don’t Do Me Like That
Kool & The Gang, Celebration
Michael Stanley Band , He Can’t Love You Like I Love You
Supertramp , Goodbye Stranger
AC/DC, You Shook Me
Foreigner, Head Games
Billy Joel, Sometimes a Fantasy
Queen, Flash
Devo, Whip It
Police, De Doo Doo Doo
The Brothers Johnson, Stomp
Dolly Parton, 9 to 5
Bell & James, Livin’ it up (Friday Night)
Blondie, Rapture

I love stuff like this. Nostalgia, effluvia.

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