31 Aspiring Authors Each Write a Book in Eight Days or Less

July 18, 2011

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31 Aspiring Authors Each Write a Book in Eight Days or Less

Sedona, AZ (PRWEB) July 21, 2009

Thirty-one would-be writers of varying ages, experience, backgrounds and educational levels gathered on May 29 in Sedona, Arizona, for one purpose and one purpose only – to write a book in eight days or less; each one of them walked away from the experience as an author.

Besides the fact that each lived his or her dream to write a book, collectively, the thirty-one received more than 500 offers from top literary agents to potentially pitch their books to some of the most prominent publishing houses in the world.

“It was amazing,” recounts Abby Haydon, of Sedona, who finished her 75,000-word book on the eighth day and whose work grabbed the attention of several agents, including the chairperson of Trident Media, the best-selling agency in the industry for the last five years.

“I must admit that, even though I have known Tom for quite some time, I was a bit skeptical. Writing and publishing have always just been so important to me,” admits Sharon Lamm-Hartman, of Cave Creek, Ariz., who has a Ph.D. from Columbia, University. “But, not only did I write a book in eight days, I wrote two. And, using his method, I had over 60 agents express interest in representing my book.”

The key to Bird’s success, as well as those who attended his “Write Your Book in 8 Days Retreat” and thousands of other aspiring authors he has worked with, is the method for writing and publishing that carries his name.Bird, who is not only the author of 19 books but who has also tried to spread the word about his method through more than 3,500 lectures on the topic, designed what eventually became known as “The Tom Bird Method” of publishing and writing for himself.

He did so only after all of the so-called “orthodox” approaches he had been taught to apply didn’t work for him. He also shares the basics behind his method in his most recently released book, The Call of the Writer’s Craft (Adams Media, 2009).

“I just didn’t think that it had to be that difficult to live your dream as an author,” Bird claims. “It just didn’t make sense to me that it had to be.”

The result? Six weeks after initially designing the method for his own use, Bird sold his first book to Harper & Row for a sum equivalent to three years’ salary. With an amount large enough to resign from his position as a publicist for the big-league Pittsburgh Pirates, he could pursue his chosen craft on a full-time basis.

“Even Stephen King could learn something from Tom,” claims Jeanne Marie Stine, an author and former editor-in-chief of Tarcher Books.

“When I first met Tom Bird, I was a burned-out lawyer with the dream of writing a mystery. Tom was an inspiration and an incredible mentor. His system works,” accredits Mark Cohen, author of The Fractal Murders and Bluetick Revenge, both published by The Mysterious Press.

“Tom reminds us that we can do anything through our connection with the Divine and that writing is a divine way to do it,” says Nancy Aronie, PBS radio talk show host and author of Writing from the Heart.

“Thank you for showing me how to get published – with over 300,000 copies sold to date,” adds Jan Larkey, author of Flatter Your Figure (Simon & Schuster).

Bird’s next “Write Your Book in 8 Days Retreat” is scheduled for October 17-24, 2009, in Sedona. If an attendee follows his advice all the way through the retreat, which he claims is not taxing at all, Bird says he will guarantee that the student will finish at least one book of 80,000 words or less and have literary agents interested in potentially representing the work − all before the end of the eight days.

For more information on Bird, his method or his next upcoming retreat, visit his Web site at http://www.TomBird.com, or call his office at 928-203-0265.

To reach Bird directly, feel free to e-mail him at TomBird(at)TomBird.com, or call his office.

MEDIA: Please note that a select number of complimentary press passes are available for Bird’s next retreat. If you are interested in acquiring one, please e-mail him at the above address, noting your interest in being considered for a pass along with a listing of your credentials.

Review copies of The Call of the Writer’s Craft: Writing and Selling the Book Within are available directly by contacting Beth Gessinger, publicity director at Adams, at 508-427-6757, or e-mail Beth.Gissinger(at)fwmedia.com.


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