what songs are played at Petco Park for the San Diego Padres?

June 18, 2011
San Diego Padres
by dcarlson54

Question by Matt: what songs are played at Petco Park for the San Diego Padres?
I’m probably the only padre fan in new york, and its rough times because I swear the Padres are never aired on TV unless I’m willing to pay $ 150 for MLB extra innings, and I’m not that rich. (or if they’re playing the Mets at Citi). Thus, I have never heard Trevor coming out to Hell’s Bells, but I would like to know what songs are currently played at Petco.

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Answer by Mulvi
I live in Orange County and I’m a National League guy that hates going to Dodger Stadium, so I go to a few Padres games each year. Each player has his own song he walks up to and nothing sticks out in my mind; other than that, you really hear all of the same songs in all of the ball parks(Blitzkrieg Bop (Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!) by the Ramones is a prime example).

And really with a team like the Padres, they only have a few iconic players; Tony Gwynn being the most prominent, the other Trevor Hoffmann. Hell’s Bells ringing through either Petco or Jack Murphy(not Qualcomm) is an iconic moment, it brings the energy of the crowd to epic levels! The crowd believes the game is over as they watch a Hall of Fame pitcher takes the mound; so the music remains the one constant always associated when he takes the mound.

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