Q&A: What is a fantasy baseball draft strategy?

June 3, 2011

Question by asdf: What is a fantasy baseball draft strategy?
I know some stuff about baseball, but nothing about players, stats, and especially fantasy baseball. Im a league, and I have 5th pick out of 12th.

Basically, in our league, we can pick 1 of each position, 2 utilities, 2 bench, 4 SP’s, 4 RP’s.

Could someone tell me what order of these positions I should pick?

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Answer by FgtNjake24
What i usually do with my first pick, is take the best available player no matter what position he is. After that just look at what you need and pick the best possible players at that position…

Since ur not an expert, use the Yahoo! rankings(even tho they may not be that reliable)

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