Q&A: How many pitchers do I draft in my fantasy baseball league?

June 2, 2011
Fantasy Baseball
by derektor

Question by Maureen O: How many pitchers do I draft in my fantasy baseball league?
I am in a 10-team rotisserie fantasy baseball league. We can have 2000 innings pitched. We can start 3 starters and 2 relievers, along with 3 general pitchers. We have a total of 5 bench players we can draft too consisting of hitters and pitchers. How many starters and relievers should I draft? And once I do draft, how should I start them? 4 starters and 4 relievers? Thanks for your help!

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Answer by Ergg
I would draft 1 starting pitcher in the first 9 rounds and get your hitters (leave off like a Util or C). Then starting in the 10th round, go for as many pitchers as you can. I’d try to get a catcher (soto) or Util (Josh Hamilton) where ever you think you can get them, but try to get 4 closers (they go fast), and then load up SP for the rest of the draft (so all 5 bench are SP and 4 SP in your lineup…maybe you could pickup one or two backup offensive players)

Assuming your in a daily lineup change, start whoever is pitching that day. Basically, if you use this stragegy, you should win Ws, Ks, and Saves (or at least do well). ERA and WHIP may be good, average or bad depending on how pitcher do. But winning 3 categories in pitching and having 8 solid hitters with 1 sleeper hitters, you should dominate the offense. If there are more than 9 hitting categories, you’ll have to come up with a similar stategy, but when max innings pitched is extemely high, you should use it to your advantage.

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