Q&A: Can the Pittsburgh Pirates be even okay this year?

June 23, 2011
Pittsburgh Pirates
by David Watson

Question by gartenzwerg8: Can the Pittsburgh Pirates be even okay this year?
If not, do you think they will stay in Pittsburgh??
I heard a lot of sports announcers in Pittsburgh wanting to move the Pirates outta town after 15 years of losing and reporting on it every year.
Im not really saying the Pirates would want to move, but what about Pittsburgh telling them to move? I am a Bucs fan myself and I know the the Pittsburgh fans are always faithful and will go to Pirates games anyway as I do also, but let’s face it. Pittsburgh is tired of having a losing baseball team!

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Answer by P.I. Stingray
The Pirates will definitely be improved this year. However, even expecting a modest improvement, they probably will not reach .500. I expect them to improve by about ten games and that would leave them with a 78-84 record. They’ll be better, but it’s going to take time. As far as staying in Pittsburgh is concerned, there is no danger in them leaving. Why leave when you have one of the most beautiful ball parks in MLB and you are making a profit (from revenue sharing)?

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