On the 2006 National Energy Conservation Week activities arrangements for the notification

June 2, 2011
National League Central
by Julie Lyn

Order to implement the National Congress Party and the Plenum of the Central Economic Work Conference, to increase society Energy Propaganda, through research, scheduled for this June 11 to 17 to host the 2006 National Energy Conservation Week activities. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

A year, the activities of the National Energy Conservation Week theme of “energy conservation, from my start.”

Second, during the promotional week, to promote conservation of resources focused on major strategic significance of the basic national policy to promote the “Eleventh Five-Year” unit of GDP Energy consumption Than “15” end of the period by about 20% in 2006, reducing energy consumption per unit GDP of around 4% of the importance and difficulty; promote national policies related to energy conservation, Laws and regulations And standards to promote the national “Energy Medium and Long Term Planning “And the ten key energy conservation projects; promotion of advanced energy-saving models and experience Table Chang, energy conservation emerged in the advanced units and individuals, investigate and expose serious waste of energy. Propaganda to create a strong momentum for economic and social development, the implementation of the Tenth Five-Year Plan a good beginning, a good start.

Third, the development and Reform Commission, Economic and Trade Commission (ECA) in conjunction with the co-sponsors to enhance Leadership , Well arranged, and carefully Organization , Implement the plan, do a good job of promoting energy conservation in the region of the Week. The co-sponsors to achieve solid results, formulate workable promotion programs, direction and coordination of the system energy saving campaign. Promotional activities in various fields to grass-roots oriented, close to the masses and vigorously promote scientific and technological workers and trades workers, jobs for young people based on energy-saving technological breakthroughs, to become skilled jobs, energy-saving model, economize on small inventions, small to create the conditions actively carry out mass energy saving activities, people who say saving, saving about everything, always say save, always save all citizens about the initiative.

At all levels, educational administrative departments at all levels and types of schools in energy conservation and awareness activities. Established “saving school” activities. Lectures in schools continue energy saving, energy saving and energy-saving gadgets knowledge competition, to create such a small practice; in Colleges and new energy-saving technologies, new product invention and innovation competition. Carried out in schools at all levels of education conditions and conservation of resources, further enhancing Student Sense of the resources and conservation.

5, at all levels of science and technology sector in promoting the implementation of the “Long-term Scientific and Technological Development (2006-2020)” process, we should vigorously promote energy-saving new technology, new products, new results. Productivity Organization and carry out the Energy Conservation Week activities to promote energy-saving knowledge, promotion of energy-saving technologies. Has held various Topics Seminars, technical seminars, exhibitions and other achievements, promotion of major energy-saving technologies to achieve energy saving effect.

VI environmental protection departments at all levels should actively promote energy efficiency on the importance of improving the environment and advanced typical cases, to strengthen supervision over law enforcement, and guide enterprises to build resource-saving and environment-friendly social contribution.

7, at all levels Broadcasting Film and television departments should attach great importance to energy-saving publicity, radio stations, TV station Positive Make And broadcast-related news, features and other programs, promote public support of energy saving Advertisement Play work.

Central and local major news organizations should promote energy-saving publicity week period as the focus of planning, column in which topic, published, etc., conducting various forms of propaganda and reporting, and give full play the guiding role of public opinion and the supervisory role .

Eight unions at all levels to carry out the “I contribute to saving” activities, full use of the trade unions of various advocacy positions, wide publicity to save the workers in the country the importance of economic development, and enhance awareness of conservation workers, promote saving production and consumption; active in a variety of techniques Train To help workers master the skills of saving; wage workers to find and try to eliminate all kinds of phenomena do not meet the requirements and behavior of saving, plug all loopholes in waste; around saving energy, organize a “small innovations, small inventions, small transformation, small designs small proposal “as the main form of the various competitions, leading them to improve the process, technology, equipment and operation of ways to promote energy saving aspects of advanced and applicable technologies. Summary of advanced models and experiences to promote conservation, strong advocacy and recognition of the “I contribute to saving” activities achieved outstanding results in the collective and individual.

9, Communist Youth League organizations at all levels should be combined with “Youth Civilization” activities, deepening the “saving society me first”, “four” resource conservation activities, and guide young people enhance awareness of resource conservation, promote resource conservation society good habits. Carry out the “100 city and shops youth civilization action saving demonstration,” the collective organization at all levels of youth civilization to our posts, to carry out the theme of energy conservation activities.

10, going for colorful variety of energy-saving campaign, in the construction of a conservation society to play a main force. Combination of “1000 enterprises energy saving action”, organizations striving for advanced energy saving and energy-saving advanced personal business activities.

The provincial Development and Reform Commission (economic commissions) to arrange for special funds to support energy conservation advocacy, and together with co-sponsors in the region in 2006 to develop energy-saving publicity week program of activities, at the end of April previously reported to the State Development and Reform Commission (Central Information Division). Relevant industry associations, the Chinese energy-saving Investment , China Institute of Standardization, and other units to actively cooperate with publicity campaigns. After the event, the State Council departments, the provincial Development and Reform Commission (economic commissions) should work together with co-sponsors of the Energy Conservation Week activities be carefully summarized, and suggestions for future activities, on September 30 the written summary Materials submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission (Central Information Secretary), copied to other organizers.

National Development and Reform Commission The Ministry of Education Technology Division Environmental Protection Agency Administration of Radio, Film ACFTU The Central Communist Youth League

April 3, 2006

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