Step Up to the Plate and be the Tenth Man on the Field

May 12, 2011

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Step Up to the Plate and be the Tenth Man on the Field

Tampa Bay, FL (PRWEB) July 21, 2005

Booksurge announces the publication of “The Happy Heckler” by Robert Szasz.

The Happy Heckler is for baseball fans everywhere a hilarious day at the ballpark, seated beside the sport’s greatest fan, Rob Szasz, a.k.a. the “Happy Heckler.” Szasz provides readers with an insightful view of America’s favorite pastime—not just from the stands, but from the unique perspective of that loud, funny, and wildly enthusiastic fan who heckles players on the field towards a glorious victory or agonizing defeat.

Szasz rightfully claims the title of baseball’s “greatest fan” with humorous antics that delight his neighboring fans and torture any team who dares to steal a victory from his beloved Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It was Szasz’s good humor which garnered him the nickname of the “Happy Heckler.” “Because whenever I do my heckling I always have a smile on my face. I am always having a good time. I am not mean or angry; I always have a smile on my face.”

A staunch supporter of team sports his entire life, Szasz’s fame as the “Happy Heckler” has drawn worldwide attention and his own fan base. This fame was an unexpected surprise for the baseball lover. “Sports are supposed to be fun and I enjoy having fun. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that this sense of fun would become something that would turn the spotlight on me and change my life in a number of ways.”

The Happy Heckler is more than a collection of Szasz’s tales of teasing and razzing the country’s finest baseball players (and some are really hilarious), it is his testimony to why heckling can have a positive effect on any sport. He takes time to explore the age-old practice of heckling in sports and lays out a framework of the proper way to do it. Szasz explains, “If you say something that makes sense, be it witty, statistically correct, or whatever, the player will pick up on it much more than if you just call him a bum or whatever profane thing that comes out of your mouth.”

Szasz’s clean-cut approach to heckling is refreshing, fun and has garnered the love and respect of players and fans everywhere. “My example demonstrates that you can go to the game, enjoy yourself, and have a positive effect on our team’s players and the fans. I am living proof that you can come out to the park, enjoy yourself, have a good time and show that you are here to be the tenth man on the field.”

The Happy Heckler will inspires its readers to step up to plate and dare to be the best fan that they can be—no matter how many people nearby fall out laughing.

About the Author

A native of Toronto, Canada, Rob Szasz is by trade a builder and land developer and by unanimous reputation, the “Happy Heckler.” Since moving to Tampa Bay in 1984, Szsaz has made this Florida community his home which he shares with his wife, Bonnie and their three sons Marc, Jake and Brent.

For more information, please contact the author by phone at 1.727.656.8742 or by e-mail at Books are available to order at,,,, Books in Print, and Global Books in Print.

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