Singing Hot Dog Man Silenced

May 15, 2011

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Singing Hot Dog Man Silenced

(PRWEB) June 26, 2004

15 seconds is not enough.

The Tigers are leading everyone to believe that this controversy is over. Charley can’t talk and neither can the other employees at the park. It is up to the fans to continue the campaign.

The Wednesday June 9, 2004, game between the Detroit Tigers and the Atlanta Braves was the first game where Charley was allowed to sing since being silenced on May 18, 2004 in spite of the fact that he has been singing for the past three or four seasons. After the end of the second inning which was delayed by rain for over two hours, Charley, wearing a microphone and appearing on the centerfield scoreboard television screen belted out his operatic version of hot dog. The crowd gave him a warm reception and his vendor colleagues offered their congratulations. The singing was part of the Tigers hot dog row promotion where one row in the stadium receives a free hotdog. The singing was short and there was no explanation given as to why he was singing at that time.

He did not sing again during that game, however there were groups that sang to him.

Charley spent the rest of the evening fending off questions by patrons who wanted to know what was going on and why he is not allowed to comment. He did admit that his sales volume has diminished since he is not allowed to sing.

Charley Marcuse, “The Singing Hotdog Man” at Comerica Park has become a positive focal point. For the past 6 years he has been a person who exhibits what it is like to really enjoy a job and has touched thousands of people with his good natured but bantering manner of advising attendees at Tiger Games on the proper hot dog eating protocol. He has also been a top selling vendor. Motivational speakers often encourage people to act just like Charley does-“With Vim, Vigor and Gusto”.

He brings people attending the game alone or within a small group into the greater fan base. He fights isolation.

Anyone taking offense to his “tongue in cheek” harangues against ketchup on a hotdog must live a tortured existence. Should we turn the world over to people without a sense of humor? On occasion, fans with friends from out of town or just new to Comerica Park will push for them to ask Charley for ketchup with their hotdog. I’m sure they would be disappointed if Charley would not respond in his one and only manner

Charley’s charisma often overcomes any umbrage when he urges people to buy hotdogs when they are already eating pizza. I know someone who advocates eating something from each of the “ballpark food groups” namely cotton candy, hotdogs, peanuts and pizza.

He has brought attention to the Detroit Tigers nationwide. The best selling ” EA Sports MVP Baseball 2004” Video game has someone imitating him in the crowd noises at the Detroit Ballpark.

Charley is a positive beacon and the TigerÂ’s should be encouraging him to sing, sell hotdogs and interact with crowd and incorporate him into their marketing and someone should teach the complainers how to have a good time.

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