Pittsburgh Pirates fan tasered by Police

May 29, 2011

www.ridethepine.com – This video of a Pittsburgh Pirates fan being attacked by police is one of the most amazing videos you will see this year. I’ll tell you that the first shocking part of the video is that who knew that their would be this many fans at a Pirates game. It took me a bunch of times to figure out what started this fight and I pin-pointed it. As the bald guy, dressed up as a 1996 USA Olympian, is being escorted out of the ballpark a fan tries to high-five him. But a security tries to interrupt the 5 five. To be honest, interrupt a high-five would make any red-blooded american angry. so he shoved the scrawny fun police. This episode of Ride The Pine is brought to you by 4inkjets.com http Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com

Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1909-1970.

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