Hot NFL Season Start and Thrilling Playoffs For MLB Spur More Excitement for Sports Memorabilia

May 15, 2011

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Hot NFL Season Start and Thrilling Playoffs For MLB Spur More Excitement for Sports Memorabilia

Warren OH (PRWEB) October 17, 2006 –-

Sports memorabilia enthusiasts around the country were watching with interest at the start of the NFL season in hopes that they have items for the hot rookies of the season. Their goal is to secure highly coveted memorabilia items and cards for the rookies that are showing extreme promise.

“I made sure I bought up everything I could find for Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart, because they both were high draft choices. I also bought a few Santonio Holmes items who was a late first round pick,” comments Keith Dirk, a longtime sport memorabilia collector. “But, other collectors and I were taken by surprise when DeAngelo Williams of the Carolina Panthers came on so strong. Williams’ items along with the other rookies are super hot right now,” he concludes.

Not only are NFL rookies hot in the world of sports memorabilia, but major league baseball continues to thrill sports fans as the playoffs are underway. Yankee memorabilia is still hot even though their season has ended. However, the big surprise is that teams like the Tigers, Mets, and Athletics who are unexpected visitors to the playoffs.

“I’m so pleased that teams like the Detroit Tigers, who have endured 12 years without Fall baseball are finally getting an opportunity to give themselves and their fans an October to remember,” Andrew Ryan, President, Midwest Sport Authentics, Inc. comments.

He continues, “As a sports memorabilia dealer, it is always exciting when new heroes are made and interest in items and cards from those teams increases. The MLB playoffs and rookies of the NFL have definitely made for interesting times in the world of sports memorabilia.”

With an exciting NFL season well underway and the World Series just around the corner, savvy collectors will continue to watch with interest to see which new heroes will be created and which legends will continue their reign. If the exciting seasons like those witnessed in 2006 persist, Sports memorabilia collecting, from companies like Midwest Sports Authentics, will continue to be both a fun hobby and lucrative investment for years to come.

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