Honestly what do you think of the Detroit Tigers?

May 12, 2011
Detroit Tigers
by The Javelina

Question by bec_bec_16: Honestly what do you think of the Detroit Tigers?
Honestly what is your opinion of the Detroit Tigers? I think they are a good team but just had a rough start, and if you think about it they came a long way so far! Do you think anything is possible? Do you think they have any chance at all of being in the post season? If not this year do you think next year with the same team they can do it as long as they kick it up? Nice answers please. Nothing negative. If you don’t think they will do good then just nicely state it–don’t go all negative. Thanks!

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Answer by CubsBearsBulls
Their not a bad team, although they do have some guys that are just getting too old. Their bullpen could use a little help and outside their top 2 starters they could upgrade there as well. They have come a long way, but I just don’t see them in the post season with how well the Twins and White Sox are playing. With a few of the right moves and maybe having Miguel Cabrera shed a few pounds they should be contenders next season.

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