Will the Detroit Tigers do good this season?

April 21, 2011

Question by embortmas: Will the Detroit Tigers do good this season?
I want to know your thoughts, how will the Detroit Tigers fare in the upcoming 2009 season? Was Rick Knapp a good choice for a pitching coach? What are your thoughts on Gerald Laird? Any transactions you liked/ disliked?

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Answer by cubsfan
Laird is nothing to get excited about, a defensive minded catcher….

Pitching needs to improve A TON, hopefully bonderman can come back and provide some help to a rotation that needs alot of it.

verlander needs to rebound of course..I think he will

to make it far, i’m guessing they’ll need to trade for another starter at some point, I dont feel comfortable with willis/nate in the rotation.

also it seems like zumaya will be healthy to start the year, that could be huge…bullpen seems to be improved with adding lyon we’ll see if he can pitch like he did for the first half last year for an enitre year.

With a healthy gary and maggs and carlos to the lineup will be huge…….I aslo think Thames busts out this year

I think the tigers can compete but will need to add another starter if there gonna make the playoffs…they may also need to add more offensive, esp at the Shortstop and Catcher spots.

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