What”s Up With The Crazy Florida Marlins?

April 16, 2011
Florida Marlins
by cseeman

The other day I was watching the news. Guess what I saw? Dan Uggla on the Atlanta Braves (Good for him at least he is on an organization who is trying to win a world series). When did that happen? The Marlins were very hush hush about Dan Uggla being gone. When did he go!? I feel like sending my Marlins cap into a raging inferno i am so mad.

I refuse to watch double A and triple A players. Next year, they are opening a new stadium further away from my house to Hialeah, Florida. The tickets are going to be way more expensive. I guess I will focus on my life long favorite instead the LA Dodgers. I’ll root for the Dodgers as I have since childhood and forget the local team soon to be known as the Miami Marlins instead of Florida Marlins.

I feel like the Bud Abbott and Lou Costello “Who’s on First” routine. Who is on first? Gabby Sanchez, I barely know him. Last year was his rookie season I think. What’s on Second? Omar Infante, I think he has been playing a long time but i have heard of him. I have never really seem him play. I don’t know is on third. Who is Greg Dobbs? Where did he come from triple A? Wes Helms a veteran who i assume is backup third and pinch hitter. Donnie Murphy was on team last so i guess he is a backup third baseman. I don’t give a darn is Short Stop. I know about all star Hanley Rameriz of course. Who hasn’t? Osvaldo Martinez backup short stop. Pitcher is Tomorrow. Burke Badenhop, i heard his name but don’t know much about him. Arquimedes Caminero, who is he? I never heard of him. Jose Seda, who is he? Randy Choate. I have heard of him a little bit know nothing about him. Steve Cishek, I never heard of him. Scott Cousins, who is He? Michael Dunn, I never heard of him. Chris Hatcher, Who is he? Clay Hensley, barely heard of him. Josh Johnson, of course the best picther on the team who is an all star. Jhan Marinez, where did he come from? Edward Mujica, Who, Who, and Who? Ricky Nolasco is a pretty good starting pitcher. Leo Nunez has to do a lot better this year! He blew a lot of saves last year especially the game i attended he blew a 5 run lead. Omar Poveda, where did he come from? Evan Reed, Sandy Rosario, Dustin Richardson,Alex Sanabia, and Ryan Webb who are these pitchers and where did they come from? I heard of pitcher Brian Sanches as he was on the team last year. Anibal Sanchez is a quality starting pitcher. Javier Vazquez and Chris Volstad are also very good starting pitchers. Sean West a relief pitcher was on team last year but do not know much about him. Leftfield is Why? Chris Coglan left fielder, he was on the team last year so i know little about him. Logan Morrison Left Fieder, I remember last year got beaned by a pitch to his head near his eyes. I remember his black eye for the last moth of the season. I never heard of Left Fielder Bryan Petersen. Center Fielder is Today. Emilio Bonifacio center fielder was a backup last year now he starts. Scott Cousins centerfielder, who is He? I assume his is platooning with Bonifacio. Right Fielder, Abbott and Costello never mentioned his name. Mike Staton right fielder was a rookie who came up for last 2 months of last season last year. He is a very good home run hitter.

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