What is going on with the Florida Marlins?

April 19, 2011

Question by …123…: What is going on with the Florida Marlins?
They win the world series every 5 years or so, then break up the team and start over. Why not keep a championship team together? Any Marlins fans out there who can explain?

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Answer by Craig S
I think it’s just their approach to building a winner on a team that can’t continually afford a $ 100-150 million payroll.

Some teams, like the Twins, take the approach of retooling every year through good drafts, savvy trades, and the occasional foray into the free agent market. The Marlins, though, are trying to win by building a strong, young team, then finding the parts they need to put that group over the top. Their problem comes afterward when their young guys (like Burnett and Beckett in the past, or Cabrera and their young pitchers in the future) come due for big paydays.

It’s not really anything new, either. If you look at Connie Mack’s tenure with the A’s, you’ll find huge peaks and valleys because he would build a great team, then sell it off. So you’d have a time with guys like Eddie Collins, Home Run Baker and Eddie Plan, then some lean years, then a group with Jimmie Foxx and Mickey Cochrane.

To be honest, as a Blue Jays fan I rather envy the Marlins’ approach. You get some lean years, but at least their are championships!

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