What do you think Billy Beane (Oakland Athletics) will do this offseason?

April 10, 2011

Question by Alec: What do you think Billy Beane (Oakland Athletics) will do this offseason?
Who will he trade, pick up, and release, in your opinion?

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Answer by Ahmalya
Finally, a good question!

I think he’ll continue to keep the talented young pitching staff he has now and get them ready for the next season. They were already looking stellar and they’re still a young group of arms. Braden, at 27, is the oldest and had the first perfect game in a very long time this year against one of the best lineups in baseball, the Rays. He’ll continue to be the ace of the staff and with a perfect game under his belt, who could blame Billy for that decision?

As for the offense, we’ll probably see another old-timer pickup which isn’t a bad thing this time around. I could say that picking up Matt Holliday two years ago was a good thing because of the more prospects we got. But yeah, if we could just do what we did in 2006 again, (ALCS year), we could definitely go far in 2011. I’m not saying we don’t need a offensive boost, because that’s exactly what we need but having Chris Carter in the lineup definitely helps a lot.

If anything, the biggest pickup will be another low priced veteran bat. Yes, one team can never have enough pitching but I think (and probably Billy would agree) that when it comes to our starters, we’re good for now.

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