Q&A: Will the A.L. West and the A.L. East be the American League Central’s Red Headed Stepchild??

April 3, 2011

Question by Shawn G: Will the A.L. West and the A.L. East be the American League Central’s Red Headed Stepchild??
The A.L. West throws Oakland in the playoffs every year to get whipped on in round 1. Texas is always a non-factor. Anaheim is nothing superb. Seattle is a joke. Now take the East…The Yankees have the most serious starting pitching issues they have been faced with in 12 years…nobody in that rotation scaes anyone. Same with Boston. Toronto may surprise alot of teams this year…D-Rays should be exported. With that said…The American Legue Central is without a doubt the most dominating division in MLB. Twins starting pitching is questionable…Indians bullpen,even improved as it is,is questionable… Chicago and Detroit seem to be two teams that you don’t know what you will get from–Detroit has pressure of repeating-Chicago has age-and starting pitching issues. But at days end they all still stand out from threst of the league–Thome,Hafner,Mauer,Vic Martinez,Ivan Rodriguez,Sheffield,Konerko,Sizemore,Buerhle,Sabathia-just to name a few -can the east or West compete with these teams

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Answer by Rhino3b
Funny way of putting it – red headed stepchild…lol

but seriously, i see your point in that the AL Central is definitely the toughest division to play in since they have the most solid teams from top to bottom – but you can never discount teams like the Red Sox, Yanks, and Angels… they all have solid rosters as is and you know that without a doubt they will add to this during the season through trades… so although the other divisions are not as strong on the whole, the top teams from those division will certainly contend with the AL Central no matter what it takes… plus – look at what happened in the NL playoffs last year… no one expected anything from the Cards and they ended up winning the world series… anything can happen come playoff time – the teams just have to get there…

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