Q&A: Who still wears a Montreal Expos hat?

April 12, 2011
Montreal Expos
by harry_palmer

Question by 15fsg546rge1rrheljh45hjr90459ty3: Who still wears a Montreal Expos hat?
Those things at style, you have to admit. I know it’s the “indie” thing to do now a days, but I wear one, and I’m a Yankee fan. When are they going to rub a little funk on Major League Baseball uniforms again? Are we going to see the Tampa Bay Rays tribute to the 70’s Astros uniforms any time soon?

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Answer by jesus
love that old expos gear. they were the worst team in the league every year but i bet they sold a lot more apparal than a lot of teams. my personal favorite old hat is the old Braves hats, like from the Hank Aaron time, i have one but i never wear it cuz i dont want to ruin it.

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