Q&A: How to draft properly in fantasy baseball?

April 6, 2011
Fantasy Baseball
by scot2342

Question by ThrillHouse: How to draft properly in fantasy baseball?
Hey everyone! I have played fantasy football many times but this season I am embarking on my first fantasy baseball season. It is a ESPN head to head league with 12 teams.

What position should I draft first? What positions are the least important to fill in the draft? Are pitchers important and should I consider taking starters early on in the draft? Who is the best fantasy player right now?


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Answer by heidi_ho5_o
Hanley Ramirez is ranked number one in this year’s fantasy draft. So unless you’re given first pick you probably won’t be able to draft him. Pitchers are important, but there are nine pitcher positions to fill, so you should have plenty of time to pick good pitchers if you put off drafting them for a while. Most people tend to try and fill up their infield first, specifically the corners (first and third base), and then center field. Don’t try to pick only all-stars, because chances are you won’t be able to do that. Round out your lineup with a few bankable, big name guys and the fill up the rest with smaller names. Most of the time they’ll give just as many points as the big names.

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